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Is anyone interested in a discussion of this film? I'm guessing by now a lot of people have seen it and so far I get the impression the general reviews have been positive. What do you think? I believe she definitely qualifies as an awesome woman. :-)

Disclaimer: My only knowlegde of the character stems from DC's animated series, I haven't ever read a WW comic but I'm told by more knowledgeable fans the animated series got her essence right.

Some points to talk about:

- portrayal of Amazons
- representation of different kinds of women in general
- Diana as a role model
- fun factor :-)
- portrayal of Steve Trevor and his interactions with Diana
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This is actually inspired by a fic, but it works on its own as well.

Title Rey meditating
Artist: [personal profile] mekare
Rating: G
Character: Rey
Inspired by: Jacket, Droid, Lightsaber by [personal profile] imaginary_golux
Summary: The fic that inspired this points out that abundant water is a new thing for Rey once she's with the rebels. Apparently she gets fascinated by washing machines and uses them for meditation.

art behind the cut )
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Come and join me at [community profile] earth_final_conflict

 photo EFC_Logo_zpskopvnkxa.jpg

This fandom is old and pretty much dead, but I still love the show and just started re-watching again.

Fics, recs, icons, general discussion, meta, news, questions, squee - any content related to the show is welcome here. You are welcome to re-post older entries (e.g. from other journaling sites) as well.


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